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Line gambling tycoon Singapore online casino trillion was conceived?|en

Line gambling tycoon Singapore online casino trillion was conceived?
[ 02-01-2016 ]

Line gambling tycoon Singapore online casino trillion was conceived?

Singapore tycoon who enter Vietnam for about 2 years ago aimed at forming line for online gambling.

Only in 2013, Police Crime Prevention using high technology (C50) to coordinate the operational unit of the Ministry of Public Security has conducted the struggle, exploring gambling ring two "terrorist" network 188bet Internet is M88 and scale up to thousands of billions Singapore online casino. Exposure to direct scouts participated in two specialist on the project, we have learned more about the journey slug can say "unique" is ...

 The line gambling over Singapore online casino appeared quite early, but really broke out in the period from 2010 up to present. Unlike traditional types of gambling, the gambler in the era @ just a networked PC, a tablet or mobile phone with 3G is spoiled "pipe operator" in the world of the gods "gamble".

There is no exaggeration to say that Singapore online casino gambling has opened a "new territory" for the gambler. They can watch 24/24 ticket, wherever. Win is found money "pouring" into account, we can draw eat pepper indulge ... in recent years in the gambling world emerges network some "dealer" reputed as M88; 188bet; Fun88 ...

Wong Boon Leong and his accomplices in the police office.

On the morning of 22/12, instant on VOV said Police Department crime prevention using high technology (C50) and the Criminal Police Department (C45), the Ministry of Public Security has arrested Wong Boon Leong (ie Lawrence, 36, nationality Singapore) and three suspects involved in the organization of online gambling Singapore online casino .

According to initial information on the People's Police newspaper, Wong entering  Singgapore for about 2 years ago aimed at forming line for online gambling through football matches, horse racing, dog racing ... at home were placed in the Philippines.

Wong organized football betting network with many branches in the country, through website Dafabet, plays Singapore online casino.

Like other gambling sites, players must purchase accounts provided a point to participate in betting.

The gambler participants must pay to staff through accounts Dafabet account level and corresponding number of points, to use on-line gambling, with enough betting category. Winnings - lost by gamblers Dafabet paying via bank account activity.

To develop the network, Wong recruited a large team of consultants, promote "brand" represents multiple languages ​​including Vietnamese.

With many forms of football betting, horse racing, dog racing ..., lines of online gambling has attracted a large gambler participation and open an account with the amount detected at the time of arrest is near 1,000 billion.

To dismantle betting line of Dafabet sites in Singapore the Department of the Ministry of Public Security has tracked both years. Wong Boon Leong tycoons suspected contact with the world of gambling tycoon.

Currently the case is being investigated police office clarified.

Of course the massive gambling operation on the network can not pass through the eye of functional forces. However, in order to dismantle the line gambling (mainly football betting) via the network is both a process of understanding the feat, which specializes in project continuity dismantled online gambling ring M88 is a " pieces "spectacular.