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Pai Gow Poker Rules|en

[ 26-11-2015 ]

Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai Gow Poker is one of the many games of online casinos Malaysia where the rules vary from house to house. There are two different topics to consider when referring to the term Pai Gow Poker Rules: House Rules and House Way. House rules are things such as how often a player can bank, any special unique hand rankings, etc. House Way is the way a dealer is forced to set their hand. While players make decisions when arranging their seven cards into a five card and two card poker hand, the dealer always follows the house rules – these rules are called “House Way”. In this article we’ll be focusing on actual Pai Gow Poker rules and their variations as opposed to “House Way”. All Pai Gow Poker games have the same hand rankings, except for one possible exception. Most casinos’ Pai Gow Poker rules state A-2-3-4-5 is the second highest possible straight. This rule is ignored in some casinos, so when this hand appears it is often important to know how it ranks at that particular casino. Pai Gow Poker rules require a player’s five card hand to be higher than their two card hand. Even seasoned pros on very rare occasions make mistakes. When it is an obvious mistake call and plead with the floor for help, but don’t expect it state this is a loss and most always the floor will rule a foul hand dead. The reason we even mention this rule is for online play. Most online casinos will not allow a player to set a foul hand. When a foul hand is attempted a warning message will come up and the dealer’s cards will not be revealed until the hand is fixed. If any online casino software allows foul hands, I’d probably avoid using that casino even if I was sure I wouldn’t ever set a foul hand. This is just personal preference, but it’s hard to trust a casino that wants additional edge do to player’s mistakes when technology could prevent this. Besides that, some online casinos allow their bonus to be cleared at Pai Gow and others don’t. For example online casino Malaysia strictly prohibits Pai Gow from being played while bonus cash is in their account. Other Casinos such as Bet365 Casino allow it, but increase the required rollover. Bodog, Betfair and 888 Casino offer it fully, with 888 Casino offering the bet Pai Gow Poker bonus of all online casinos.

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