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Safety Of Personal Information|en

[ 17-11-2015 ]

Safety Of Personal Information

My friend told me he is managing the online casino Malaysia, I have at one time or another wondered about the safety and privacy of the personal information that I was required to provide when registration. The requirement include private and sensitive information like our address, phone number, email ID, and most importantly bank account details. At the moment, I was stopped and thinking whether key in the information or not. If there is a cheat website, I am done. I asking the opinion from my friend and his told me the online casino Malaysia is a well-established and trustworthy Internet-based gaming portal. It is fully licensed and registered. Their mission is to be and stay as one of the top online casinos on the web, offering the most original slot games in the market. Needless to say, they will hold the privacy of our personal information in the highest regard and take utmost care to ensure that our information is secure and protected all the time. Basically, the website is asking the contact that is used only when necessary. The financial information is used exclusively for the purpose of billing for game deposits or to deposit money into your account. The account is accessed only and only if the players decide to purchase more chips. To summarize, all personal information is used solely for purposes of administering their business activities and to enable the use of their services by customers and to improve the content and service. After the explanation by my friend, finally I am willing to trust him and key in my information. I played for 2 months already and my personal information is still in secure, I am much satisfied to their services. 

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