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Choosing Between Online Casino Bonuses|en

[ 21-10-2015 ]

Choosing Between Online Casino Bonuses

Often online casinos ask players to choose one from a number of bonuses. I know making choice is hard but though this choice may apparently appear to be simple, it is actually not so. At online casino Malaysia, there are several factors need to be considered such as the basic nature of the bonuses, the fine print in the terms and conditions and the players’ own objectives and inclinations. These factors will interact differently in each case it is impossible to provide clear cut guidelines for making the choices.  I know one of the most common choices is between a free spins welcome bonus and a deposit welcome bonus. In the free spins welcome bonus the player is given a certain number of credits to wager in a given time. It keeps the winnings subject to certain terms and conditions. The major advantage of the free spins welcome bonus is that no deposit has to be made up front. However, players would be required to make a small deposit when they withdraw their winnings from the bonus and this has to be factored into the calculations. Sometimes players are required to choose between reload bonuses for different game categories. If the player has such an aversion to a particular game category that he would never play it then his choice is clear. However if he is relatively neutral towards the different categories then he needs to evaluate the parameters. Usually slots bonuses will be larger and have lower wagering requirements. Besides, an interesting choice is between a deposit bonus and cash back on losses. Here the exact numbers become more important as do estimates for expected wagering and expected losses. One factor to bear in mind is that the deposit bonus requires further investment from the player whereas the cash back bonus does not. But cash back bonuses would usually be much smaller. In choosing between bonuses, I cannot escape from reading and understanding all the fine print. If I do not do so I would end up making the wrong choices. So, you might do so. 

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