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[ 11-10-2015 ]


I am a guard for a primary school. My job seems quite easy but actually not. I have to make sure the school safety and also the teachers and students. Since last month I was assigned to turn to night shift. The night shift is terrible and boring to the max. You try to imagine,  you stay alone in a small room, you are required to patrol the school surrounding every two hours at night and afraid of falling asleep every second. I cannot sleep because I have to take responsibility if anything happen in school. At night, the school is very dark. I heard those Chinese people said usually the land of making this school was a grave in the past. Sometimes I even heard some weird sound from the classroom. Honestly, except patrol the surrounding, I have nothing to do. I cannot sleep, the only thing that I can do is playing my phone. But I already fed up with the Facebook because there’s no one updating at the midnight. I gonna find some interesting thing to do. So that, I visit to Online Casino Malaysia to play few rounds. I saw people share a post on Facebook so it reminds me of playing this. I think I can bet my luck, as a guard, the salary is not much. I still got wife and three kids. I hope I am a good lucky person. Maybe through the online casino I might gain more money for my family, and also can be entertain me in this lonely night. Unexpected I win quite a lot of money at first round as known as my first time for online casino as well. This is a good sign for me to try more games until I started lose, I realized I fell into the game. I cut off the game immediately. I can’t imagine if I really addicted to gamble, what effects will I bring to my family? However, small bet could be entertainment and also a good company for me at night but I cannot fall into it. Although I play it frequently when I feeling bored, but I am sure that I can quit anytime, because I love my family. 

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