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Inner KTV|en

[ 10-10-2015 ]

Inner KTV

KTV is the place for people to relax, to entertain, to sing, to party and so on. I work at KTV for 3 years already once I graduated from secondary school.  I never thought that I had been here for so long time but it doesn’t a bad thing. I met many different kinds of people at this workplace. Some people come KTV for fun, but some people don’t. You know what I mean? Ok this is what I heard when I work. Normally there is a bunch of youngsters like to come our shop almost every night. Every time they will bring different friends to come together. I used to serve their room. Every time I entered their room, some people are actually singing while some of them are grouping together and looking at laptop or hand phone. They looked fun with the laptop and phone; I wonder what they are looking at. Thanks to me working here for a long time and I am actually familiar with some of them. There’s one time I ask them what is so interesting. They showed me by laptop and asking me do not tell anyone about this. The laptop is screening with a sexy lady and it is an online casino. I saw the website is Online casino Malaysia. I heard that from my friend. So that I easily to get closer with them as we have same topic to talk now. They are surprising that I know that website. They asked me to register and play, they suggested me to try luck with playing online casino since I had been working here so long time already but just a little bit monthly salary. Online casino can make my small monthly salary become more. They are really expert in persuasion but I feel like don’t want to try. I am afraid of addiction of gambling. I know that’s a trap especially for those people who want to earn money with short cut. But, I’m not the one. I read a lot of news about gambling and it cause a lot people so badly. Although I am not really like to work at KTV because this is so tired especially the night shift. Always got drunker and make troubles in our shop, I already fed up. However, I will not go temporally because I actually learn and see a lot of things here. So I want to advice to youngsters watch out when making friends with others and do not ever touch gamble. KTV sometimes is a danger place.  

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