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Disable’s life|en

[ 09-10-2015 ]

Disable’s life

I am a disable person. I was a lorry driver. 5 years ago, I supposed to delivery to Kluang, who

knows I fell asleep on the halfway and I bumped into the tree at the road roadside. At the same

time, my lorry also dragged down two cars which driving in front of me. Those drivers were

passed away on straight. There’s one car turn over at the roadside and another one was burned.

That was a terrible memory for me, unforgettable. Due to I am not allow to working anymore

because I am moving by using wheelchair. No one wanted a disable person to work for them

because they think we are a group of useless people. We are inconvenience but actually we can

do a lot of things also. I am so bored at home. One day, I received a message by an unknown

number. The message is about the online gambling. It is quite attracted me and I enter the link

given. It is Online sports betting Malaysia. Since I had spent long time to find a job and always

fail, why don’t I try another way to find money? My life becomes tougher after the accident. I

spent a lot of money for operation and medical, even I still jobless now. That’s the way for me to

find money, to bet my luck. Either win or lose. I heard my cousin doing the online gambling

before, he told me but I didn’t care during that time. I enter the website and do the register. I

put RM 50 as deposit and bet the football team. Usually I am not concern about football, that’s

the team that my friend advised me. I am not a lucky person; I lose the first match of the

competition. Luckily I am not betting much. But my friend advising me doesn’t easily give up

especially gambling. It is normal for people who lose for their first time, they encouraging me try

again. So that, I willing to trust them and I bet RM 100 again. Unbelievable! Just like what they

said, I really win the game after 2 times I lose. I won RM 500 after that the games! Hahaha it is

so easy to get money. Finally I found a “job” for myself. At least I no need depends on others I

also got money to survive. I am going to ask those disable person like me can try online

gambling to find money instead of asking help from others.

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