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Insomnia night|en

[ 08-10-2015 ]

Insomnia night

I am freaking stressful these days, always insomnia at night. My boss is a motherfucker asshole! He can just throw my report without giving me a reasonable explains. He asked me redo the report and resubmit to him. WTF I had spent 2 nights to done the report he said that’s shit!!! Is he blind? I totally suspect his studies level and don’t understand what I wrote in the report. He is a boss and sitting in the office everyday but we, as an employee, working so hard every day but he never appreciate what we contribute to the company. Today is my off day, early in the morning I woke up by my message ringtone. I really pissed off because it is so hard I just fell asleep! I checked my message and found that is an unknown number who text me and ask me to play online gambling. WHAT THE FUCK I feeling more boiling because of this junk message disturbs my precious sleepy morning. Although it is my off day but after a nap I still need to redo the report and too bad, I got insomnia at the night again. Lying on the bed but nothing can do, thinking about my working stuff in my mind. Suddenly I think of the message I received this morning. I whatsapp the given number on the message. The person replies me and gives me a link which is Online slots game Singapore. Since I am insomnia and don’t know what can do at this long bored night, I enter the link. Well I had played gamble once only in Genting Malaysia, this is my first time to play online gambling. But for me this is much convenience and fun! The best thing of online gambling is it makes money faster than I work so hard for that asshole boss. I throw away my report and like never feel sleepy anymore. Just keep playing and I realized I was like addicted on it. However, I can’t stop. I feel realized stress with playing this. Even losing so money but it is fine. I believe I can try more times to get back my money. I am deciding to fire my boss once I win more games. I no need facing that asshole face anymore… It is so wonderful activity for me in every night to accompany me those sleepless moments. No sleep but got money, why not?  

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