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My Friend With Ganble Live|en

[ 07-10-2015 ]

My Friend With Ganble Live

This is my friend’s personal experience. He told me these when I visited him after almost 10 years we graduated from school. I’m so sorry to hear about that his dad passed away last month. The main cause is about gambling. His dad addicted to the online gambling Malaysia and lose a lot of money. After that, his dad started to stop working and drunk daily because of losing money. His mum breaks down when his dad hit on his mum. I wonder why the gambling so addicted to somebody, people know that’s not good but still trying. Many people gamble because it helps them escape other problems they have going on in their lives. People look it as a challenge and find it is actually fun. Many gamblers will say they have their own strategy and that will lead them to win big in the near future, but most gambling is completely down to chance. Unfortunately there might happen to win one game, but you’ll probably lose the next. Therefore, they keep challenging. Especially for those who facing financial problem, gambling is one way which make money faster, at the same time, money losing faster as well. This is what my friend said, he dad said he worked so many years but never get rich. As long as he won the game, he can become rich. When he was 18, that is the stage for him to step into the university but his family is facing the financial problem. During that time, his dad looks gambling as a way to find money. His dad started spending an increasing amount of time gambling. At first his dad won a huge amount of money and eventually he entered the university. When his dad coming to the loss phase, he found that his dad cannot quit. Therefore, his dad started drinks frequently and realizes his stress to his mum. Gambling is their problem, but they see it as a solution. I am feeling sorry to his family problem. Hope he stay strong and work hard to support his home financial. 

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