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My Casino Experience|en

[ 06-10-2015 ]

My Casino Experience

I’m a college student, now having sem break. I’m looking for a job but failed. I need money for my next semester tuition fees. I don’t know why part time job so hard to find, and one thing I don’t have transport is really big problem for me to work. Life is hard especially the life for a student. We need to study a lot, no payment instead we have to pay money to college. Everything about money money money. We need to study cannot work. The society nowadays is so reality, everyone talk to your certificate instead of looking at your ability. This is a no money no talk society! Wtf student also human, don’t say we only know to spend money but don’t know earn money. Can’t find job what can do? They say you don’t have cert, they cannot hire you. Fucking stupid idiot, I asking for 7 eleven shopkeeper need what cert? Tell me need what cert la? As long as I can stand, I can move, I can talk, I can count money enough la! Really celaka betul… I’m fucking free at home during sem break, everyday eat, shit, sleep and dota. Any job introduce ah? That day I playing dota at CC, saw a bunch of guys standing behind my seat and talk so loudly. I very beh song, they are really disturbing me. I lose the game because cannot concentrate. I’m so pissed off and want to argue with them, when I turn my back and saw them are surrounding a guy who sitting in front of the computer. They have so many people, me alone is not good for arguing. By the way, I heard they talk about online gambling. I look at the computer screen, it is a online slot game. I saw the guy playing, looks very easy and he won some money. I think maybe that’s a way for me to find money to cover my tuition fees. Even that’s online I no need bother about transport and spend some money can get more money! Get more information from the guy and I start playing. At first, I have no luck because I keep losing. The guy told me this kind of game cannot only play one time, he asked me to try few more times. Well, as what he said! I started to win after few times losing. Hahaha I don’t play dota anymore, no use and no money.  This is really fun! Now I know why that’s a lot of people addicted on it, can play can get money as the same time, such a lot of benefits.  Why become a student? By the way I have no need to worry about the tuition fees anymore, damn good! 

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